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Music performing groups are a lively and integral part of life at College Prep. 
Music performing groups are a lively and integral part of life at College Prep. Music courses offer students the opportunity to perform in choral or instrumental ensembles and to become acquainted with musical forms and composers of the past and present. Classes are designed to foster proper technique, teamwork, self-expression, and joy. 

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  • Chorus

    Open to all students who want to sing, participants learn choral and vocal techniques while singing music from a variety of periods and styles. Prior to performances, singers meet several times in combined rehearsals with instrumental ensembles. The curriculum engages both novice and experienced singers. The class participates in one major concert each semester and performs more informally, on and off campus, throughout the year.
  • Advanced Vocal Ensemble

    Advanced Vocal Ensemble (AVE) is a small group of advanced singers who perform regularly on and off campus. AVE sings music of many styles, including classical, world music, and a cappella. Admission to the group is by audition.
  • Beginning Instruments

    This course is for students who would like to begin to play music, learn a new instrument, learn to read music, or learn to improvise on an instrument they already play. Students choose from a wide variety of instruments including guitar, electric bass, and band and orchestra instruments. The class culminates in an informal lunchtime performance.
  • Orchestra

    Open to all orchestra instrumentalists who have prior training, the orchestra rehearses a broad repertoire and performs at school concerts and other on-campus events. The orchestra tours and performs with the choral students every other year.
  • Chamber Music

    In this course, advanced instrumentalists play chamber music in small groups. The class meets during the school day with additional rehearsals before performances. Admission to the class is by audition.
  • Jazz Band

    This performing ensemble explores jazz and rock styles while developing improvisational technique. Open to intermediate and advanced players, the class meets several days per week plus additional rehearsals before performances.
  • AP Music Theory

    This course teaches traditional four-part writing, figured bass, Roman numeral analysis, interpretive skills, sight singing, and music dictation. Jazz and pop styles are also covered, including chord symbols and modern chord progressions. This course prepares students for the college entrance exams given by most music colleges at universities and conservatories, as well as for the AP Music Theory Exam.

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