Technology & Innovation


The Xlab is College Prep's experimental, flexible space for hands-on learning, innovation, and interdisciplinary exploration through design, robotics, electronics, and modeling projects and activities. 
The Xlab has two areas of focus and respective physical space for collaboration (Collab) and fabrication (Fab Lab). Students use Collab during free periods and breaks to work on assignments, collaborate on projects, and seek assistance from the Tech Team. The Fab Lab’s suite of tools—3D printers, an industrial laser, a desktop milling machine, a sewing machine, and a soldering station—is available for class projects related to curriculum. Students may also request time to work on their own creations. 

On any given day, the Xlab is bustling:
  • A Chemistry class filming stop-motion animations of chemical systems using lasercut or 3D printed pieces and dry erase walls.
  • English seminar students working on a creative project.
  • The Innovative Tech Student Crew (ITS) collaborating with teachers on projects that benefit the school community.
  • Students building drones, creating jewelry using the laser and 3D printers, or leading workshops on 3D modeling software
    • Xlab = College Prep's flexible/experimental lab
New Xlab site coming soon.

mens conscia recti

a mind aware of what is right