Connections Pride and Spirit Day

Connections, Pride, and Spirit (CPS) Day is an opportunity for our school community to learn about equity and inclusion through workshops, performances, and play—coordinated by the Office of Equity & Inclusion and the Student Life Team. The unique and varied offerings were unified around the theme: “We Shall Overcome: The Continuing Struggle for Justice!” We thank all of our tremendous speakers and the students and faculty who worked hard to make CPS Day a meaningful and fun expression of our values. Here are a few of offerings:

  • How I Came to this Country

  • Using Dance in Peace Building

  • Gerrymandering in the USA

  • Influencing the Future: Public Policy and You

  • Trafficking and the Intersections of Oppression

  • Live Your Truth: Follow Your Passion and Change the World!

  • Against all Odds, Dismantling Structural Racism

  • Women in Debate: High School to the Presidency

  • Juvenile Justice in California & The School-to-Prison Pipeline

  • The Times of Harvey Milk: A Film Screening and Discussion of Past and Present LGBTQA+ histories

  • Racial Inequality: Overcoming and Understanding the Minority Wealth Gap

  • There's More: A Korean Outlook on International Relations & Cultural Oppression

  • It’s Not Islamophobia, It’s Islamoracism: Discovering Teachable Moments in Systemic Hate

  • Cajón Workshop

  • Being Courageous: Sports and Politics

  • Knitting to Make a Difference

mens conscia recti

a mind aware of what is right